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Al Jazeera Documentary Arabic: What’s the Strategy? And the Deal?

Al Jazeera is doubling down on documentaries within its strategy to expand its role in television programming worldwide.

I meet regularly at international markets with Ahmed  Mahfouz Nouh, the highly respected MD of Al Jazeera Documentary, and we discuss his network’s strategy, scale and operations.

Following is a snapshot based on our conversations:

Al Jazeera Docs Arabic Logo


  • AJ has operated doc channels in Arab world since 2007
  • AJ Documentary is distributed to 24 countries
  • Arabic-language
  • All acquisitions are dubbed
  • AJD may launch ‘AJD Turk’

‘A Compromised Genre’

  • Historically, the doc niche was under the thumb of the regime in each country.
  • The permitted programs were either propaganda, or dull touristic docs, or informational docs.
  • The entire region experienced a loss of trust between viewers and the doc genre.
  • It was double negative for potential viewers: poor programs and no credibility.
  • It has taken AJD 5 years to promote variety and rebuild trust.

Strategic Assessment, 2012-13

  • Completed by BCG (Boston Consulting Group) which studied the grid, and recommended transforming the schedule from genres to strands.

Six Key Strands

This Is Me

  • Positive stories to inspire Arabic viewers.
  • The strand will be the focus for AJD’s commissions.
  • Initially 250 hours, and increasing to 400 hours.
  • The goal is 40% of total programming will be commissions
  • There is no set price.

Universal Secrets

  • Genres: Environment, wildlife, outer space, science .
  • Mainly acquisitions.


  • Investigative docs.

“Free Lens’ / Feature Documentaries / Experimental Work

  • Includes experimental work
  • Particularly from young filmmakers.

People Inspiration

  • Traditional societies all over world.

Original Story

  • Mainly History genre


  • Today, the AJD audience is 35+
  • Wants to lower average viewing age
  • Competing with light entertainment on free satellite, and with Nat Geo Abu Dhabi in nonfiction space

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  • Also, research commissioned by AJD confirmed that its brand is ‘political and serious’
  • “Our strategy is to lighten the grid.”

Sourcing Programs

  • It has been a challenge to move beyond acquisitions to original production
    • Investing in Arabic filmmakers to bring in viewers’ trust and develop a platform of qualified docs.
    • Strategies include commissions, sponsorship of festivals, workshops, visiting prodco’s, inviting them to Doha, networking them, and looking for co-producers.
    • 2008: 22 filmmakers and 22 hours
    • 2013: 200+ filmmakers, and a library of 1,200+ titles
    • Diverse origin of filmmakers: Mostly from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, Syria/Lebanon and Palestine.
  • AJD is developing original theatrical doc projects.


  • AJD’s Doha HQ sources programs from all over of world
    • 75-80% are acquisitions
    • 1,000-1,200 / year
    • 20 internal productions, from AJD team as well commissioned producers
    • Deal: Full commissions / all rights
    • Format trend: Fewer long series and more one offs and short series


  • Acquisitions:
    • The standard license fee is $3,000
    • Term: 2 years
    • Exclusivity: 3-6 months exclusive for the Arabic world.
    • $70,000 for highly-qualified original, premium programs
    • Productions:
      • Higher fees for unique Signature series.
      • For example, 4 hours on the story of the Crusades told from an Arabic perspective by an Egyptian producer. Budget: $600,000.
      • Also:  a 4 x 1 hour series on the Arabic language.


  • AJD is not rated


  • 8 in acquisitions
  • 7 in production
  • 23 people in 2013, growing to 35 in 2014 

AJD America?

  • AJD can create a block with a double feed to US


  • “Nat Geo Abu Dhabi is our benchmark.”
  • “Very appealing to Arab world.”
  • The schedule is mainly comprised of dubbed international programs


  • Here is the link to AJ America’s Documentaries website.
  • AJ America attracts well-established producers due to the volume of its commissions, even if costs/hour are lower than offered by traditional buyers, like BBC.


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