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The Music Documentary Challenge: Keeping the Peace Between Producers, Estate Stakeholders & Commissioners: A MIPCOM Webinar with Peter Worsley

Peter Worsley is a veteran documentary and concert film producer and distributor.

He gave a standing-room only presentation at last month’s MIPCOM on the subject of Music documentary production in the age of Taylor Swift.

The focus was balancing the integrity of the production with the interests of the Label, Music, Publisher, Artist Management and Broadcaster.

I produced and moderated the MIPCOM session, and we set about capturing Peter’s valuable knowledge in this webinar.

Watch the Video (35 minutes)



  • [2:00] Setting the scene: The Taylor Swift Era
  • [5:30] What’s the secret of working with artists’ management?
  • [6:15] Everyone has a different agenda: what to expect from the producer, the record label, and the artists’ management
  • [10:45] What the music publisher wants
  • [13:30] The key relationship you must nurture
  • [20:30] Finding common ground throughout the creative process
  • [25:00] How to navigate the demands of the broadcaster

About Peter Worsley & AltitudeRights

Peter Worsley is a veteran documentary and concert film producer and distributor.  His recent documentary projects include Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool and Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl (both on Netflix), and the concert film Eric Clapton: Across 24 Nights (Warner Music).

He is currently in production and development on various documentary biographies. Peter is a former executive with Universal Music Group’s Eagle Rock division. His company AltitudeRights is based in London.

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Thanks: Caitlin Cooper is our webinar producer.