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How do channels commission new factual programs?

The Sundance Channel: Redford Fading. The Filters? How Many Green Lights? Which Producers?

Where is the Sundance Channel headed after 15 years? Founder Robert Redford is an occasional presence at the channel He’s certainly not gripping the tiller Is there anything left of his vision?  A clue: What did Sundance green light at the 2011 Upfronts?  Ownership Robert Redford, Universal Studios and Showtime Networks launched the Sundance Channel […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

‘Pawn Stars’ 4/4: Leftfield Puts Casting Under a Microscope

‘Character-crazy’ is a phrase that captures the mood at the 2011 Real Screen conference. Yet we noticed that Leftfield Pictures was one of the very few producers, if not the only one, represented by an executive who heads a Casting department. We continue our talk with Leftfield’s co-founder Brent Montgomery, focusing on Casting as one of his firm’s competitive strengths. In

POV: The PBS Doc Strand Announces the 2011 Schedule

We recently published a detailed 2-parter on POV – the flagshipPBS documentary strand: Click here for part 1: POV’s mission, history, budgets And part 2: the filters, selection process, critical dates, typical fees, and more Last week, POV announced its schedule for 2011. We reprint it here. And next week: we begin a 2-parter on Independent Lens, the doc

Desktop Doc Netflix course

U.S. Channels: Where are the Producers Located? 2/2

PIN-POINTING THE GREEN LIGHTS 2/2 Last week, we published our sensitivity analysis of the locations of producers who are suppliers to U.S. Factual networks. Following are the findings 7 more of the 25+ channels that we surveyed: Methodology We reviewed Upfront and other new programming announcements for 2010/2111 We tracked down the locations of the cited