Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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How do channels commission new factual programs?

Oprah’s Documentary Club Picks Three More: How Many Slots Left? What are they Paying?

OWN The Oprah Winfrey Network announced the acquisition of three documentary films for Oprah’s Documentary Film Club One Lucky Elephant follows circus producer David Balding as he struggles to find a nurturing home for his beloved orphaned baby African elephant. The film was ten years in the making 65 Redroses captures the spirit of a […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Our ESPN Tour / MTV After Jersey Shore: Going Scripted? / ‘Indecency’ Tops TV’s Morality Cops

Our ESPN  Tour: Touchdown in Bristol! On Tuesday, ESPN’s senior technology team kindly conducted us on a tour of their astounding Bristol CT facility. Our client: Turkey’s Samanyolu Broadcasting Media Group, and its U.S. affiliate EBRU. What did we learn? We write a lot here about ‘scale’ Scale really matters in business … and its leverage leaps out at you in

A Preferred Producer: Hoff Productions between Basement and Buyout (Part 2/2)

In this week’s – we continue our detailed profile of Hoff Productions’ path from freelancer to a leading supplier to U.S. factual channels, including Discovery and NGC. The story so far: Michael Hoff begins from a base in a spare room. He develops a respectable client list for Hoff Productions. But catastrophe always lurks around the

A Preferred Producer: Hoff Productions between Basement and Buyout (Part 1/2)

The scale of factual producers ranges from basement operators to ‘Super-preferred Producers’ like Pilgrim Entertainment. We continue our case studies of the U.S. production sector by focusing on Hoff Productions, which represents the tier below the ‘Super’ category. Hoff Productions is based in the Bay Area, with a recently opened office in New York, and is

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U.S. Cable Networks: Which Ones Commission Factual? How Many Homes Do They Reach?

      Commissions  Factual?    U.S. TVHH  Genre TBS  100,608 Entertainment   CNN / HLN  100,370 News Yes DISCOVERY CHANNEL  100,101 Factual/Reality Yes NICK-AT-NITE  100,064 Entertainment   NICKELODEON  100,064 Kids    THE WEATHER CHANNEL  100,054 News Yes FOOD NETWORK    99,934 Lifestyle Yes CNN CABLE NEWS NETWORK    99,640 News Yes TNT    99,630 Entertainment

The Documentary Channel: Cash Positive and a Sweeter ‘Sweet Spot’

At Westdoc, we met with James Ackerman, president and CEO of the Documentary Channel (DOC). We knew James in a previous life, when he was a respected executive at Sky UK. Documentary Channel is a 24-hour niche television network ‘devoted to documentary films and the independent documentary filmmaker’.  The tagline is Lights. Camera. Action. History