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Facebook’s Video Strategy: “Throw Lots Of Video Against The Wall. See What Sticks!”

Wall Street to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “You have 2 billion monthly users and immense monetization capability. “Your move into video will have big knock-on impacts on producers, channels and others in the video ecosystem.” “So tell us: What is Facebook’s video strategy?” Zuckerberg: “Well, I think the answer to that is we don’t know […]

Inmigración 411: A Timely Spanish-language Public Television Series On Immigration Law

In 2008, I was retained to develop programming strategy for HITN-TV, a Spanish-language public television network located in Brooklyn’s historic Navy Yard. The recommendation:  Create low-cost, primetime series that respond to the urgent information needs of around 50 million U.S. Latinos. Immigration was the no-brainer as topic #1. With super-scarce resources, we went on to

Takeaways: Choppertown and the Wild West of Facebook Video (3 of 3)

Choppertown evolved from a credit card-financed first documentary to a profitable Facebook documentary channel. We profiled Choppertown‘s origins here (Part 1). And the takeoff as a hyper-niche Facebook Video channel here (Part 2). My podcast audio conversation with producer Zack Coffman is here. This week, here are my Takeaways… 1. Facebook Video: The Scale and

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Reality TV’s Hidden War: Legal Battle with Discovery Highlights Rising Tensions (Variety)

Unscripted producers are agitated by a legal conflict between Discovery and an established production company. The key underlying issue relates to production accounting practices. Variety‘s Cynthia Littleton covers the story thoroughly here. It’s an excellent must-read. Here is the opening and the link to the entire article. by Cynthia Littleton A legal battle over accounting practices that