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PBS Nature series launches Season of the Osprey promotion

The WNET Group’s Nature series — celebrating its 40th award-winning year – announced the October 27 broadcast date for Season of the Osprey This blue-chip Nature special explores the life of the incredible sea raptor with a depth and intimacy never before attempted. Paul Giamatti is the narrator. I’m a proud co-executive producer of Jacob

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Afghanistan in Documentaries: Sunny Side’s Story of the Month. Plus: Is Barack Obama a celebrity-fixated documentary producer?

Essential Afghan Documentaries – War boosters & critics: 15 key documentaries about Afghanistan, From ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’ to ‘Hell and Back Again‘ // Variety ‘Pat Tillman‘ and other films both critical and supportive of the war // Washington Post Art Workers in France Mobilize to Help Afghan Creators // Artnet Women journalists fear brutal Taliban // Vice Director’s escape from

The NATURE strand celebrates 40 years as the U.S. home of great Wildlife programs! Congrats to The WNET Group and PBS.

PBS’s Nature strand is celebrating its 40th year of global leadership in Wildlife programming. A highlight episode for the anniversary year is SEASON OF THE OSPREY (October 27). I’m honored to have co-xecutive produced OSPREY for director Jacob Steinberg and the co-production partners Love Nature and The WNET Group. The project is loaded with personal meaning: 40

Desktop Doc Netflix course

NHK Japan’s $6.5 Million “Cosmic Shore”: A space science coproduction that compares favorably with billionaire-funded space tourism

The hyped rocket jaunts by Jeffrey Bezos and Richard Branson remind me of the combination of publicly-funded Space Science and broadcasting revealed in my COSMIC SHORE Case Study from Japan. Public broadcaster NHK developed a $100K space camera for a US$6.5 million coproduction with PBS‘s NOVA strand. Their mission: capture the edge of our world, where

SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC – NEWS ROUNDUP, June 2021: Unscripted Investment Frenzy & more

Story of the Month: Investors Target Unscripted Production. There’s a frenzy of investment in unscripted production // Wall Street Journal. New SVOD’s fail to understand that success depends on streaming addiction // Lightshed Partners. Netflix Australia: Revenues surge but avoids taxes and local production // The Age + Documentary Business. Audiences want more documentaries in streaming libraries