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Discovery vs Nat Geo vs History. Race for UK Gold, Part 3. How Far Behind Broadcast? Plus: Our New Global Doc Buyers’ Guide

Here are my quick Takeaways before a summer getaway. Business Model: UK factual channels attract relatively small audiences compared with the broadcasters. However: Advertisers are attracted to their relatively upscale viewers. And the networks earn subscriber fees from Sky and other platforms. On the cost side, all UK factual channels benefit from a business model […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

What Did Brits Watch in Huge Numbers? Factual FY’11 (#1-35)

A friend shared a recent report on the average ratings of UK factual and documentary programs broadcast in 2011. Here are the Top 1-35, with our Takeaways below. The Takeaways are updated from our August post on the top programs for 1H’11. Also, see our previous post for #36-70 for FY’11. Title Channel TVR ‘000

UK Viewers: What Do They Watch? Top Factual Programs, 2011 YTD

Brits and Americans are two peoples separated by lots more than a common language. For a start, take the television viewing preferences of the world’s #1 and #2 English-speaking television markets. A friend shared a recent a top level report on the ratings of UK Factual and Documentary programs broadcast this year through the end