Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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Sunnyside of the Doc: Access, Networking and Valuable Information!

Sunnyside offers access to decision-makers, networking events, and a full program of panels on key trends in nonfiction television — all in a compatible seaside city. A feature of SSD 2013 will be the attendance by a full delegation of documentary channels and producers from China. This is an important accomplishment for festival director Yves Jeanneau. I will moderate

NEW!! International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2013. Available Now!!

What Do the Channels Want? The International Documentary Buyers’ Guide answers these questions: Which channels worldwide buy documentaries and specials? How many do they buy? What are their dedicated slots? What are they looking for? What are their filters? And: Are the buyers open to international partnerships? Who are the key contacts? How can you reach them?

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

What Do UK Viewers Watch? Top 100 Factual Programs: Broadcast, 2H 2012

Below are the Top 100 Unscripted Programs on broadcast television in the UK during 2H last year. The scale of these audiences is astounding, at least compared with the appetite for comparable nonfiction programs in the U.S. So is the wonderful diversity of sub-genres and formats. We particularly enjoy the Brits’ loyalty to classic, content-rich

‘The Unscripted Entertainment Vine’ from Nat Geo Channels CEO David Lyle

unscripted tv chart

A highlight of the AIDC Conference in Adelaide was the ‘Big Chart’ presented by Nat Geo Channels CEO David Lyle in his keynote. His graphic addresses the evolving landscape of nonfiction television entertainment. It shows how formats and sub-genres are being forever blended and hybridized into new categories. When we caught up with David Lyle after

What Did UK Viewers Watch? Top 100 Factual Programs: Digital, 2H 2012

For your reference, below are the highest-rated UK factual programs in 2H 2012 for digital channels, including BBC3 and BBC4, ITV2 and ITV3, E4, Sky1, More4 and others. Takeaways and UK broadcast ratings for 2012 to follow — I’m in Adelaide attending AIDC this week. Top Factual Programs, UK, 2H 2012 Viewers / ‘000 Title Channel

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Discovery vs Nat Geo vs History. Race for UK Gold, Part 3. How Far Behind Broadcast? Plus: Our New Global Doc Buyers’ Guide

Here are my quick Takeaways before a summer getaway. Business Model: UK factual channels attract relatively small audiences compared with the broadcasters. However: Advertisers are attracted to their relatively upscale viewers. And the networks earn subscriber fees from Sky and other platforms. On the cost side, all UK factual channels benefit from a business model