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International Documentary Buyers’ Guide, 2014-2015. 160+ Key Contacts. Out Now! Save 20%

An invaluable and unique resource for producers who are seeking international partners and commissioners. Created for the Hot Docs Forum 2014.

  • 94 Network Buyers.
  • 163 Contacts.
  • 47 distributors.
  • 11 funds.
  • 8 digital players.
  • 15 Countries.
  • 200+ pages
  • The slots. The deciders. Their filters.

Special June Offer: $119.60 – Save 20% Regular: $149.95

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Our expanded International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2014-2015 is out now!

Our unique Hot Docs Guide helps producers and executives answer these questions:

  • Which channels worldwide buy documentaries?
  • What are their dedicated slots?
  • And their filters?


  • Who are the key decision-makers at the networks?
  • What is their contact information?

Also, whenever we have the data:

  • Are they open to international partnerships?
  • What do they pay?

Those are the questions that are high in the minds of producers when they develop their strategies for pitching concepts, sizzle reels or completed programs. Also, NEW in 2014-2015, we added profiles of distributors, film funds and digital players.

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Buyers at Hot Docs 2014

Prepared by the Hot Docs team, the Guide covers 15 countries to list 163 contacts:

  • 49 broadcasters
  • 94 buyers
  • 47 distributors
  • 11 film funds
  • 11 digital funders and decision-makers.

The networks and funders who attended the Hot Docs Forum are important players who represent the global market for documentaries and content-driven specials.They are both deciders and valuable resources who can recommend your projects to their colleagues.

Strategic Takeaways

The team added ‘Strategic Takeaways’ for most of the buyers.

  • The Takeaways include insights into the buyer’s competitive situation and filters.
  • The content is often based on our one-on-one interviews with the decision-makers.
  • We also included valuable ratings data for the US and UK.


  • The International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2014-2015 lists 47 distributors who sell documentaries.
  • They come from Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia and elsewhere.

Film Funds

  • We list profiles and contact information for 11 key film funds, including Ford Foundation / Just Films, Hot Docs / Shaw Media, Danish Film Institute and Impact Partners.

Digital Players

  • Listings include the Op-Docs video commissioning editor at The New York Times, and other leaders in the digital sector like Kickstarter, Vimeo and Hulu.

Buy Now and Save:

  • Retail price: $149.95
  • Discount through June 30, 2014: $119.60 (a 20% savings)
  • You can read more here about the contents.

Click here to buy and download the International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2014-2015


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