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South Africa Workshops by ATFT / nfvf Documentary Funding Spotlight

South Africa is a dynamic market right now. A combination of national and provincial funding is motivated by:

  • Job creation;
  • Development of IP;
  • ‘Transformation’ which is the RSA term for empowering the populations left behind under the old order.

The funding is in the form of tax rebates and various grants.

And driving it all is South Africa’s access to amazing stories and a deep cadre of local creatives.


The Association for Transformation in Film & Television sponsored my workshops in Durban, Cape Town and Jo’burg.

  • Pascal Schmitz is the ATFT coordinator of the program, and he shared the workshop spotlight.
  • Our aim was to prepare the ATFT delegation of producers for Sunnyside of the Doc, but the sessions were open to all comers.
  • It was an honor to be involved.

The workshops were very well attended by a mix of established and upcoming producers.

nfvf Funding for Docs

  • Clarence Hamilton attended the Jo’burg workshop.
  • He is the head of Production & Development for the National Film & Video Foundation, an agency of the RSA Department of Arts & Culture.
  • Clarence kindly agreed to describe his program and its funding levels in this 5-minute interview.

Mpumalanga / MSF Festival

  • Sifiso Nobela is CEO/Founder of MSFF.
  • I am proud to be helping Sifiso develop strategy to create an important festival event.
  • Watch this video for more on Sifiso’s initiative in exciting Mpumalanga province, once known as East Transvaal.


  • Cape Town channels St Kilda Beach