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‘The Unscripted Entertainment Vine’ from Nat Geo Channels CEO David Lyle

A highlight of the AIDC Conference in Adelaide was the ‘Big Chart’ presented by Nat Geo Channels CEO David Lyle in his keynote.


His graphic addresses the evolving landscape of nonfiction television entertainment. It shows how formats and sub-genres are being forever blended and hybridized into new categories.

When we caught up with David Lyle after AIDC, he added:

  • “What I have tried to do is demonstrate how shows and sub genres “grow” out of one another and like a climbing rose twist and turn before blooming anew.”
  • “As a chart it really has only a horizontal axis, from left (least constructed) to right (most constructed).”
  • “I added Sitcoms and Dramas (and game shows) on the extreme right to reveal, if you will, how unconstructed things like documentaries and current affairs stories have moved towards the more constructed.”
  • “The show examples that appear as leaves are a strange mixture of US, Australian and occasional British titles.”
  • “There are, as I look at it again, some bloopers… How Jungle Gold became a Celeb Docusoap or House got to be next to Only Way is Essex is a mystery. What Martha Stewart is doing as a Game show is equally bizarre.”
  • “But I would encourage your readers to add and subtract (and even move around) some of the flowers/sub genres or leaves/shows.”

The Bio

BTW,  David Lyle shared his very individual career path under my questioning before launching into his keynote address. It proves the rule that TV execs come from all places and backgrounds.

The cv highlights that most interested the Adelaide audience were:

  • As a mere schoolboy at Sydney’s Riverview College, Lyle fudged his age and wrote for The Mavis Bramston Show.
  • Mavis was an important precursor to the dramatic explosion in the ‘Seventies in Aussie theatre, television, live comedy and feature films.
  • This sudden cultural revival overthrew several decades of the notorious ‘cultural cringe’ when Australians had rejected their own performing arts – even their own spoken accent – as inherently inferior to their British and American counterparts.
  • Writing for Mavis as a Sydney schoolboy was definitely surfing the first break.
  • Lyle went on study geology at university.
  • After working in minerals exploration and being offered a choice between destinations like Lesotho and Papua New Guinea, he returned to his Gunston roots and scored a job writing for a Sydney TV network.


  • Being from Melbourne, I’d say that was a real tough call: a prospector’s camp in the Lesotho bush versus writing for a commercial television outfit in Sydney. 


  • With Sue Mathews, I wrote about the glorious revival of the Aussie film industry in “American Dreams: Australian Movies” (Currency Press, Sydney). Ask me for a copy.


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