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Documentary & Reality Case Studies: 21 Projects From Concept through Development to Delivery

Here is my expanded selection of our ever-popular and instructive Case Studies.

  • Each documentary or reality project is unique.
  • The 21-project collection is a mosaic that describes models for your future productions.
  • As they say in Recovery programs: “Take what you like, and leave the rest!”

Read now before my free, practical research and analysis vanishes behind our paywall:


Archive Success 

Our unique coverage of the archive is sponsored with thanks by ITN Source.

Risk: Pushing the Limits

  • Siberian Cliffhanger: A NYC producer takes on enormous financial and personal risk deep in the Russan Arctic.

A Giant Screen Hit

  • Flight of the Butterflies: $40 million box office… and counting.
  • Post includes Nat Geo‘s all-time Top 5 Giant Screen hits.


Kickstarter How To’s


Aussie Winners

Reality Revealed






  1. There is nothing like unique Archive to set a project apart, but what’s now working against Archive led projects is the cost. How much can you afford to use at 70 euros a second? In our latest project, it was much more affordable for us to rely on re-enacts and use the Archive to evoke the “this stuff really happened” feeling.

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