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How to Produce a Documentary

How to produce a documentary? Peter Hamilton directs Peter Hamilton Consultants where he helps his clients to understand:

how to produce a documentaryHow to Produce a Documentary

His website for documentaries helps creative learn how to produce a  documentary special or series, or reality TV concept.

His clients since 1987 have included leading buyers of documentaries, including Discovery Communications, A+E Networks, Smithsonian Channel, NBC, BBC, Scripps Networks, Weather Channel, ABC Australia, Singapore’s Media Development Authority, and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Foundation. Notably, he developed the business plan for Discovery International, now a $12Bn enterprise.

For established players and newcomers, Peter Hamilton assesses concepts, undertakes market studies, creates business plans, identifies partners, develops marketing and distribution strategies, and actively demonstrates how to produce a documentary. His firm has helped plan and launch dozens of documentary and reality TV productions worldwide.

Peter Hamilton is a former CBS executive who earlier earned his MBA at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  His thesis was ‘How to Produce Documentary Concepts.’ He is a frequent speaker at leading media industry events, including MIPDoc, Real Screen, Sunnyside of the Doc, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Hot Docs, Westdoc, Science & Factual Producers’ Congress and AIDC where he speaks on ‘how to produce a documentary idea.’.

Peter Hamilton’s documentary workshops focus on business strategy for network executives and producers, most recently at the Sorbonne University for a Colloquium of French documentary and nonscripted/industry leaders.

His ‘indispensable’ e-newsletter is the leader amongst documentary websites and it serves network executives, producers and industry professionals by providing current information about deals and trends in how to produce a documentary.

He is the co-executive producer of THE SHOT FELT AROUND THE WORLD, a bio documentary about Jonas Salk and his polio vaccine that will premiere in 2013 on the Smithsonian Channel (US).

Peter Hamilton has authored several books that are valued by industry professionals and students who are focused on how to produce a documentary or reality TV series, including the classic Off-Hollywood: The Making and Marketing of Independent Films (David Rosen, co-author, in association with The Sundance Institute and the Independent Feature Project).

About Peter Hamilton,

Peter Hamilton publishes, a TV industry newsletter on how to produce a documentary TV special and reality television series. His expertise is unscripted TV, the documentary budgetfunding a documentaryselling a documentary, and how to make a documentary.

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