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Who’s Hot? Who’s Not!! U.S. Factual Channel Viewing, 4Q’12 versus 4Q’11. Takeaway: ‘Discovery Looks Snappy!’

Which U.S. Factual channels are gaining or losing prime time viewers year-to-year?

Here is the big highlight: Discovery Networks is back!!

  • Discovery’s Crime-targeted ID channel is up 114,000 (25%) and takes the #1 spot on our list of factual channels that gained viewers.
  • ID continues to impress with its crystal-clear branding and a schedule filled with programs that convey the feeling that they just can’t wait to be watched by ID’s female-skewed audience.
  • The flagship Discovery Channel gained 106,000 viewers (11%).
  • OWN, Oprah’s recently drowning channel, gained 106,000 viewers, a 57% jump!
  • Science (26%) and male niche channel Velocity (38%) also impressed.
  • So did Animal Planet (11%).

Outside Discovery



Our bucket of channels is not apples-to-apples:

  • It includes channels that rarely stray out of non-scripted, for example Nat Geo and Discovery.
  • And others like A&E and MTV that include Scripted in the mix.

Our quarterly, high-level snapshot is prepared with the assistance of John Morse, president of leading research firm Byron Media.

Quantity Not Quality

  • Most ad-supported channels sell media based on their target demos.
  • And networks tend to rate their performance (and those of their managers) quarter-to-quarter rather than year-to-year.
  • Nevertheless, our measure of the quarterly average prime time audience is a very useful tool for gauging relative scale of viewing and trends.


U.S. Factual Channels
$Average Quarterly Primetime Audience, 4Q’12 versus 4Q’11
( Viewers ‘000)

Rating 4Q’14Q’124Q’11Change%
OWN0.4         292186         10657%
OVATION0.1           5334           1956%
H20.4        257166           9155%
VELOCITY0.2           9166           2538%
BIO0.3         212160           5233%
LOGO0.1           5140           1128%
NAT GEO CHANNEL0.5         428340           8826%
SCIENCE0.3         234186           4826%
ID0.7         562448         11425%
NAT GEO WILD0.2         138123           1512%
ANIMAL PLANET0.5         462415           4711%
DISCOVERY1.1      1,060954         10611%
TLC0.9         915824           9111%
TRAVEL0.4         352322           309%
WE0.3        230213           178%
MILITARY0.3         153142           118%
HISTORY1.3     1,3241,237           877%
DIY0.2         10397             66%
DISC FIT & HEALTH0.2           8784             34%
STYLE0.2         158153             53%
LIFETIME1.0         968961             71%
HGTV0.9         893891             20%
A&E1.2     1,1771,178          (1)0%
OXYGEN0.4        305317         (12)-4%
BRAVO0.8        783822         (39)-5%
VH10.4         421445         (24)-5%
BET0.6         565601         (36)-6%
TRU TV0.7         689733         (44)-6%
SPIKE0.6        587635         (48)-8%
MTV0.7        657761      (104)-14%
SYFY0.8         826964       (138)-14%
FOOD0.8        778925      (147)-16%
WEATHER0.2         217268         (51)-19%
E!0.4         359558       (199)-36%
CURRENT0.1           3456         (22)-39%
Factual Networks   16,421  16,305         1161%

Source: Nielsen Media Research



The channels in our sample with the largest audiences  (‘000):

  • History (1,324), A&E (1,177), Discovery (1,060), Lifetime (968) and TLC (915).
  • SyFy, MTV and HGTV dropped out of our Top 5.

Growth (%)

  • Top 5: OWN (57%), Ovation (56%), H2 (55%), Velocity (38%) and Bio (33%).
  • Ovation gained viewers (56%) but proving the rule that no good deed goes unpunished, the niche ‘Arts’ channel lost carriage on TimeWarner Cable systems and is said to be looking for a buyer.
  • Audience losers were: Al Gore’s hapless Current channel prior to its acquisition by Al Jazeera Americas (-39%), E! (199,000 viewers and -36%) and Weather (-19%).
  • Food was another big loser (-16%)



The Factual Tide Keeps Rising – Barely!

  • The broad Unscripted category continues to grow at the expense of Scripted, News and other categories.
  • But only just: The year-to-year increase for’s bucket of basic factual channels was 1%.


  • A key trend for factual channels is that rather than cannibalize each other in a mature market, they are targeting the audiences for scripted entertainments on broadcast and cable/satellite channels by selectively developing dramatic content of their own.
  • At the Real Screen and Impact conferences, History presented promos for their new scripted series (Vikings and The Bible).
  • Meanwhile Discovery showed a compelling promo for a BBC-partnered docu-drama about the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986. William Hurt co-stars.
  • We will cover the shift to Scripted in detail after the AIDC Conference.


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