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Executive Producers: What do they do?? A podcast with Love Nature’s James Manfull

What are the responsibilities and workload of an executive producer for a wildlife coproduction intended for a global audience??

James Manfull is the EP for Love Nature, and in a previous life a producer for Nat Geo’s Natural History Unit.

James shares his day-to-day responsibilities– from concept evaluation to delivery — as the EP of Jacob Steinberg‘s SEASON OF THE OSPREY for PBS’s NATURE series.

He compares the process for OSPREY — where Jacob had already shot 95% of the final footage used in the film, to his more typical projects that are greenlit before substantial field cinematography begins.

James turns to me, his co-executive producer asking what inspired me to become so involved in Jacob’s OSPREY film, and what were my EP contributions.

Listen to James Manfull on the work of the executive producer for wildlife films (30′)

Outreach Campaign

Our OSPREY outreach campaign celebrates this magnificent species, and covers in a detailed case study the making of a blue chip wildlife special.

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