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Program Development & Pitching Trends. Podcast with Michael Hoff

Welcome to my second podcast on the business of the unscripted business.

My Guest:

  • Michael Hoff leads Hoff Productions, successfully delivering mainly male-targeted series and specials to dozens of networks for 25 years.
  • In my recent popular post, Michael spelled out the evolving high-stakes world of program development.

The Topic: Today’s Pitching Process.

  • Network development execs are understandably more risk-averse than ever.
  • They require ‘proof-of-concept’ before they advocate for a program with their internal deciders.
  • Video pitch materials must do more than spell out the direction of the project: the video must closely resemble the quality of the final deliverable.
  • Each video pitch requires a significant investment by the producer.
  • And the sizzle is typically tweaked for each new network that is pitched.

Listen here to Michael Hoff


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