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Responding to the Coronavirus: Programming & Production Snapshot. A pod-versation with Ed Hersh

In these hectic early weeks of the crisis, I thought that it would be helpful to take some time out to reflect on the seismic changes that our industry is experiencing.

Veteran consultant Ed Hersh joins me in a pod-versation to provide a cautious snapshot for our colleagues.

We focus on three questions:

  1. Is there a shift in the video preferences of American viewers?
  2. How are network programmers responding?
  3. How can producers prepare for the eventual recovery?

Podcast: Listen to my conversation with Ed Hersh (23 mins).

About Ed Hersh

Ed Hersh is a veteran senior consultant who focuses on story-telling. He has enjoyed a distinguished career as a programming executive and producer.

Here is the link to Ed Hersh’s StoryCentric consulting practice.

Ed Hersh

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