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Oscar Documentary Award 2021. APOCALYPSE ’45: The Road from Concept to Qualification

The Academy announced the eligible candidates for Oscar consideration in the Documentary Feature category for 2021.

APOCALYPSE ’45 is one of the candidates.

Don’t miss our detailed Case Study of how producer / director Erik Nelson developed and completed his gripping archive-based project for Discovery.

Case Study

APOCALYPSE ’45: Discovery’s powerful WW2 documentary in virtual theatrical release. A Case Study for the COVID Era. 


Listen to my pod-versation with Erik here.

And here, Abramorama COO Karol Martesko-Fenster reveals how COVID forced a rapid turnaround in the project’s theatrical distribution strategy.

Fresh Takeaway: Who’s Open? Who’s Shut?

  • The documentary community needs Case Studies like this as practical GPS’s that can help creatives realize their dreams.
  • I’m grateful to Erik, the Discovery and Abramorama teams, and EP Clark Bunting for sharing their experience.
  • Their relative openness is in stark contrast with the practices of Netflix and the streamers.
  • They operate behind information fortresses where they fiercely protect information about their commissioning processes.

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