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Takeaways from the Cannes Market: MIPCOM 2012 (#1)

1. Here Comes Asia Let’s imagine you could stroll along the Croisette during MIPCOM 1992, blink, and find yourself in the same spot during MIPCOM 2012. What would you notice first? The amazing rise of the Asian delegations, particularly China and the other BRICs and Little BRICs And the end of total world domination by […]

CGI: Five Big Trends in Graphics for Factual TV

We wondered: “What’s going on in the world of CGI?”    Average production budgets are shrinking, but viewers demand ever more sizzle to maintain their attention.  At Real Screen, we caught up with Andy Davies-Coward – a friend and colleague who is creative director of 422 South which is based in Bristol UK.  Andy has

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

History Makers Panel (2 / 2). Italy’s Rai – A Success Story. Q&A: H2’s Demo’s, Dramatizations & More

We continue our coverage of the opening panel at the recent History Makers International conference. The Panelists Piero A. Corsini, Series Producer, Rai Educational Peter Gaffney, Senior Vice President, Programming Strategy, Scheduling & Acquisitions: History & H2 Dirk Hoogstra, Senior Vice President, Development & Programming: History & H2 3. Rai Educational. Case Study: Risorgimento Anniversary

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Sunnyside of the Doc: U.S. Network Trends. Who’s Paying for 3D Production?

Article entitled 3D Draws Converts Despite High Costs

Sunnyside rang our belle for conviviality, access and solid new business Much has been written about a tide of Anglo-Saxons flowing from La Rochelle to South Yorkshire after Sheffield Doc/Fest rescheduled from autumn to late spring But the seats of any non-attending Americans and Brits were taken by an impressive wave of delegates from Sunnyside’s