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MIPTV & MIPDoc Takeaways #1-5: That Unsettled Netflix Feeling Along the Croisette

What caught my attention at MIPDoc and MIPTV this year? Lots of producers and network executives called to ask. They are curious because their business models and career options are becoming more unsettled by the rise of Netflix and online video distribution platforms. Here are my Takeaways from Cannes (#1-5): 1. What You Know. And […]

The Demand for Documentaries Across Online & Social Media Platforms: Recent Highlights

In this post, we share highlights of Parrot Analytics‘ analysis of cross-platform demand for unscripted programs. Online Measurement? How do you measure the performance of a documentary online and in social media? It’s a big question because Amazon, Netflix and other platforms don’t share performance data. Social Media data is both widely dispersed and hard

Facebook Commission: Tom Brady Gives Intimate Access to His Private Life. “It’s Like Therapy”

Facebook’s rising power comes partly from its unique access to the hardest-to-get documentary stories. That’s a key message of a fascinating article by Mark Leibovich in the Sports section of today’s The New York Times. “Tom vs Time” “Tom vs Time” is a multi-episode documentary series about Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ 40-year old quarterback until he was dethroned by the

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Program Tune-in is Boosted by BIG DATA plus Psychographics plus Targeted Promo’s plus Addressable TV’s. New Case Study

BIG, BIG DATA combined with addressable program promotions is a recipe that drives targeted audiences to view programs on channels. That’s the key Takeaway from a Case Study shared by Cambridge Analytica (CA). The Good News: It means higher ratings, stronger revenue streams, and more money for programming. Cambridge Analytica: CA’s giant database captures 2,000

Facebook’s Video Strategy: “Throw Lots Of Video Against The Wall. See What Sticks!”

Wall Street to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “You have 2 billion monthly users and immense monetization capability. “Your move into video will have big knock-on impacts on producers, channels and others in the video ecosystem.” “So tell us: What is Facebook’s video strategy?” Zuckerberg: “Well, I think the answer to that is we don’t know

“Hands & Pans”: Tasty’s Cooking Format Burns the Food Network in the Online Video Economy

Tasty is enjoying a meteoric rise driven by its low budget, fixed-camera cooking format and Facebook distribution. It is a Case Study in how viewing on Facebook is hurting leading cable channels like the Food Network, and in turn, damaging Discovery‘s valuation. Hands & Pans: Tasty is a BuzzFeed division that produces and shares content related to comfort

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Facebook Dominates While Newspaper Publishers Pivot to Video: Takeaways for Channels?

Print publishers like The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Guardian are pivoting to video. However, their turn to video fuels Facebook‘s dominance of Social Media while adding costs to the suffering newspaper business model. Strategy: The strategy of former print media players is to: Integrate video into their online reporting, and Commission short-form documentaries