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Generational Switch From Cable / Satellite to Streaming Services: Pew Research

The data is rolling in to confirm the generational switch in TV viewing from cable / satellite channels to streaming services. Young U.S. Adults 18-29 report that the primary way they watch TV is 61% Online vs 31% Cab/Sat. Adults 65+ prefer Cab/Sat (84%) vs Online streaming services (5%). These are the recent findings of the Pew […]

U.S. Cable Channels Forecast: Dark Clouds With Silver Linings. Takeaways

Industry analyst SNL Kagan forecasts a big decline in U.S. multichannel video subscriber homes: 2015: 98.1 million. 2027: 77.4 million. That’s down 21%. There are 119.6 million U.S. TV Homes  today. SVOD Expands: According to SNL Kagan the online video subscriber base will expand to 94.6 million homes from around 80 million today. The SVOD

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

U.S. Factual Networks: Ten Year Viewing Trends. Sunny Side Takeaway #1

A 10-year ratings snapshot shows that U.S. factual networks are far from falling off a cliff. And Europe has increased potential as a co-production partner. That’s the message that I shared over and over in my panels and meetings at last week’s productive and enjoyable Sunny Side of the Doc. Chart Nielsen kindly shared a

Big Trends in the Internet Video Economy: Takeaways from Silicon Valley

Mary Meeker is a super-analyst of the Internet Economy. Her presentation at the annual Code Conference has earned cult status. Her predictions are followed by industry participants with such intensity that she reminds me of an ancient oracle. Not that I met one. Meeker’s exhausting analysis, with 355 slides, covers: Media, mobile, games (huge scale and

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