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Jeremy Clarkson’s “Grand Tour” Scores Big for Amazon in Parrot Analytics’ New Measure of Cross-platform Demand For Content

How do you measure the performance of unscripted and documentary programs online and in social media?

  • It’s a big question because Amazon, Netflix and other online platforms don’t share their data on the performance of their programs.
  • And that’s a problem for the unscripted / documentary eco-system, which has enjoyed at least some access to network audience metrics such as Nielsen (U.S.) and BARB (UK).
  • After all, program developers and schedulers, and their funders, are shooting in the dark if they lack reliable data about the performance of comparable programs on the booming online and social media platforms.

Parrot Analytics

  • At MIPTV, I was therefore pleased to meet up with Parrot Analytics.
  • Parrot is a technology and data science company that measures global demand for television content.
  • Parrot recognizes that consumers express their demand for content through various “demand expression platforms” including:
    • Video Streaming Platforms
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Photo Sharing Platforms
    • Blogging & Microblogging Platforms
    • Fan & Critic Rating Platforms
    • Wikis & Informational Sites
    • Peer-to-Peer Protocols
    • File-Sharing Platforms

Global Standard: Demand Expressions®

  • Parrot developed Demand Expressions®, a metric that captures cross-platform audience demand for content around the world.
  • It measures the desire, engagement and viewership of content across multiple sources.
  • Demand Expressions is weighted by importance: a stream or a download is a higher expression of demand than a passive impression or a comment.
  • It measures the total audience demand being expressed for a title, within a market, and from a multitude of sources.

The Grand Tour Rocks!

  • Amazon’s premiere original unscripted series was the big budget “The Grand Tour”.
  • I expected that Jeremy Clarkson’s autohead series would fall down Parrot’s Demand Expressions rating, and well below the big, buzzy scripted series like “Stranger Things” and “The Man In The High Castle”.
  • Parrot’s findings for 1Q 2017 were therefore a surprise.
  • Here is the topline U.S. report, where “Tour” ranked a close #3 behind “Stranger Things” and “The OA”:

  • And Clarkson blew them away in the UK:

  • In other territories, TGT‘s rankings were highly competitive with scripted:
    • Germany (#1)
    • Sweden (#1)
    • Japan (#1)
    • Russia (#2)
    • France (#5)
    • Mexico (#5)
    • And Brazil (#10).



  • Parrot’s methodology, based on the Demand Expressions® global metric, is a very welcome addition to the audience analytics toolshed.
  • I’m very excited about publishing in my newsletter regular reports from Parrot that focus on factual specials, documentaries and unscripted series.


  • The performance of “The Grand Tour” carries big implications for the unscripted sector.
  • Clarkson’s series was budgeted at an unusually high level that is comparable to a high-profile scripted series.
  • Its performance opens the window wide for the unscripted genre to pitch and deliver content that competes head-to-toe with scripted, and at an affordable cost.
  • Watch this space for more coverage!

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