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Big Trends in the Internet Video Economy: Takeaways from Silicon Valley

Mary Meeker is a super-analyst of the Internet Economy.

Her presentation at the annual Code Conference has earned cult status. Her predictions are followed by industry participants with such intensity that she reminds me of an ancient oracle. Not that I met one.

Meeker’s exhausting analysis, with 355 slides, covers:

  • Media, mobile, games (huge scale and growth!), the cloud, online engagement tools, medical, transportation and other sectors being transformed by digital technologies.
  • U.S., China and India are her focus this year, though her research lens is worldwide.

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Here are the slides that caught my eye:

1. Global Internet Ad Spend Passes Television:

2. Facebook and Google dominate the Online Ad Market

3. Mobile use has accelerated to 3+ hours / day in U.S.:

4. There’s a radical divide across age brackets in device time usage:

5. And that’s driving a tipping point in Mobile’s dominance of online ad spend:

  • Since advertisers most value younger demo’s…
  • And video is the most emotionally-powerful medium….
  • Watch out for increasing investment in creating appealing mobile video formats and content.

6. Netflix is the catalyst of the shift towards an Internet-driven video industry

  • Netflix’s hockey stick curve still strikes awe.

7. China: Media consumption is both expanding and shifting rapidly to online versus TV, print and radio

  • That’s driving the relatively sudden rise of China’s SVOD platforms as buyers of documentary and factual programs.

Increasing demand for content, increasing competition.
The viewing trend of Free To Air and satellite channel audiences getting older and fewer is the same as in the rest of the world, but in China with such strong state support for national, provincial and municipal channels there is not the same commercial pressures, so this means every broadcast model is still viable.
With such a large and diverse population, China has space for multiple new SVODs for factual content.
I’m in Shanghai for the TV festival. Demand for high quality docs here is strong, lots more options with Internet channels working and co funding with FTA’s more closely to maximise audience. It’s an incredible market, always evolving.


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