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How to Pitch Your Documentary & Reality Series to Streamers & Channels. Webinar with Steve Harris, Veteran Exec & Producer. Tues June 28, 10am/Pacific

Steve Harris bursts with inspiring insights into the pitching process. He has a gift for breaking out the key qualities for a successful pitch. As my charismatic, globe-trotting co-presenter, Steve has shared his insider knowledge to grateful producers at WESTDOC (LA), AIDC (Adelaide), Sunny Side (La Rochelle), and more. He draws on his veteran experience […]

Waterbear CEO Ellen Windemuth on conservation, community, programming and her new free streaming platform (Podcast)

Ellen Windemuth is CEO of Waterbear Network, the ambitious streamer dedicated to creating a sustainable planet through compelling storytelling. She describes Waterbear’s mission, strategy, programming priorities, key contacts for producers, and much more. Listen to Ellen Windemuth (18′) Peter Hamilton · Ellen Windemuth, CEO Waterbear on programming strategy Timecode “Dedicated to the future of our

Netflix Bloodbath Explained (Part 2): Where’s the programming Zeitgeist?

In Friday’s post, I shared how the Netflix commentariat circled around three causes of Netflix’s subscriber slowdown: Covid recovery means less hours viewed. Competition from Disney+, HBO Max and others. Free, advertiser-supported AVOD services are attractive alternatives to the SVODs. Join my special Live Q&A webinar Bloodbath at Netflix: What’s Next for Producers? Tuesday April 26

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

FREE NETFLIX WEBINAR with Show&Tell: What the streamers want. Pitching strategy. The deal.

Many of my readers want to know the Truth About Netflix Deals: Pitching, Negotiating, Getting Acquired & Getting Paid. I’m tackling these hard questions in a free webinar with co-host and distribution expert, Show&Tell’s Keith Ochwat. More than 700 documentarians have enrolled already! For the first 30 minutes, we’ll survey: Netflix’s programming strategy: Originals & Acquisitions How

Fading U.S. Channels: How steep is their audience decline in the streaming era?

Variety Intelligence recently published Fading Ratings, featuring a useful series of charts that captures the downward audience trend over five-to-seven years of several portfolios of U.S. networks. The starting points are 2014 or 2016. All screenshots were taken from the report. SVOD’s Rising: The context-setting chart highlights the rise of Netflix and the top subscription

GZ DOC Panel: Global Factual Content Summit: 2021 VOD Platforms & Festivals

What are the key demand trends in the documentary sector across platforms, and how are the festivals responding? That was the ambitious topic for this morning’s recording of an engaging panel for the upcoming Guangzho International Documentary Film Festival 2021. China had almost fallen off my radar after many years of deep involvement in the

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Netflix’s 41% of Time Spent dominates viewing of commissioned & acquired programs

What is Netflix’s share of U.S. viewing? Last month I reported on Comscore’s June 2021 findings that Netflix (26% market share) and YouTube (21%) dominate viewership on connected TV’s. The key Comscore measure is ‘Time Spent’. Here’s the chart: Misleading However, the data is misleading if you are a producer, distributor or programmer whose job