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Selling Your Documentary to the Streamers: Opportunities beyond Netflix and the Big 5. Podcast with Wendy Bernfeld

WENDY BERNFELD is a highly respected, veteran executive who has enjoyed industry-leading roles in film, PayTV, SVOD , international co-production and distribution.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Amsterdam-based RIGHTS STUFF CONSULTANCY.

In our absorbing conversation, she shares her detailed, practical knowledge about how to identify and sell to the many platforms that buy unscripted programs, and that aren’t named NETFLIX, PRIME, DISNEY+, HBO MAX or APPLE TV+ .

Listen to Wendy Bernfeld (27′)

Wendy’s Key Takeways

  • My main Takeaway is that careful research can help producers find opportunities outside the Big 5.
  • Matchmake your project to the platform, using personalized short outreaches, and finding the right agent/distribution partner, going direct and/or hybrid.
  • Explore multiple deals, nonexclusive (unless paid lots for exclusive), multiple markets and windows.
  • This helps enhance the reach, /audiences and revenues for the film.
  • Even if you elect to pursue a Big 5 deal, it helps to quantify the value of the international market to have explored the other options.

About Wendy & Rights Stuff

Read at LinkedIn about Wendy Bernfeld’s senior executive and business affairs / legal experience, and about her Rights Stuff content consultancy.

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