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Off The Fence execs reveal Sales, Acquisitions & Commissioning strategy at our Sunny Side Global Pitch. Webinar

Loren Baxter (Head of Acquisitions), Stefanie Fischer (MD of Sales) & Leila Monks (Head of Commissioning) joined me for a revealing Off the Fence webinar at Sunny Side’s Global Pitch.

My key questions:

  • What is your key focus in Sales, Acquisitions and Commissions?
  • What is Off the Fence working on?
  • How do you work together with 3rd party producers & broadcasters around the world?
  • And more importantly what are you looking for right now?

Here is the link:

  • Or click the screenshot below

Peter’s Takeaway

  • Loren, Stefanie and Leila gave a very well-prepared presentation that reveals very clearly the strategy and operations of a long-time leader in Factual distribution and that increasingly commissions or co-funds originals.
  • Its a really useful roadmap for producers who are navigating the production & distribution landscape for their projects.

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