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Discovery Founder John Hendricks Launches SVOD Factual Service, CuriosityStream. Meet President Elizabeth Hendricks North at MIPDoc 2015.

A welcome new face at MIPDoc was Elizabeth Hendricks North, President of Curiosity Project LLC.

She was in Cannes to promote the ad-free Subscription VOD (SVOD) service CuriosityStream, launched in March to focus on premium factual content.

Elizabeth’s father is Discovery Channel founder and industry legend John Hendricks.


  • The CuriosityStream mission is to apply John Hendricks’ vision of “accessible and curated factual programs to the social media generation.”
  • It is “the world’s first ad-free, SVOD service that addresses our lifelong quest to learn, explore, and understand.”
  • “Our aim is to provide the first and best on-demand video streaming destination that aggregates and curates the world’s best factual content.”

The MIPdoc Interview

Three Pricing Options

  • Standard Resolution ($2.99 per month).
  • HD ($5.99 per month).
  • And later this year: 4K (Around $10.00).


  • Unlimited access.
  • Via Internet-connected TVs, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes and additional devices.
  • Initially in U.S., with plans to be available worldwide over the next five years

Offer at Launch

  • Targets ‘knowledge seekers of all ages.’
  • 300 +/- hours of original and acquired programming in Year 1.
  • New titles added weekly.


Exclusive Interviews

  • Segments and full interviews from 70+ world experts.
  • Covers a broad range of subjects from evolution to rock stars.
  • 25 new interviews added each month.


  • Content providers include the BBC, NHK, ZED, Terra Noa and Flame.
  • Mainly acquisitions at first, with an expanding commitment to original commissions.

Highlighted Series

  • Destination Pluto
  • Chopra Love in Action
  • Cosmic Front
  • Annihilation: Destruction of Europe’s Jews
  • Earth: Power of the Planet


“Engaging short-form content, generally less than 8 minutes in length, will comprise a significant part of the library.”

  • 2 mins.
  • 6-10 mins.
  • Plus TV half-hours and hours.

Programming Team

  • Steve Burns heads up the programming team for CuriosityStream.
  • Steve is a highly-respected industry veteran.
  • Richard Sergay is the interview host for Curiosity Studios and senior consultant for partnerships & acquisitions.
  • Peter North is EVP for Digital Media Operations.

More on SVOD

More on John Hendricks

  • I was honored to work with John Hendricks and his team when the Discovery Channel was a struggling start-up.
  • Many entrepreneurs were targeting the documentary niche, but Hendricks had the character and vision to establish trusted partnerships with cable distributors, notably TCI’s John Malone.
  • Over 20 years, my consulting engagements with Discovery included the following business plans and due diligence efforts:
    • Discovery International, including plans for UK / Europe, Germany, Middle East, Asia and Australia.
    • Discovery Home Video & Publishing (with John DiGiacomo)
    • Discovery Productions
    • Health Channel
    • Discovery Television Music (with Tom Porter)
  • I’m grateful to John Hendricks for creating a wonderful stream of engagements that spanned decades.
  • I wish John, Elizabeth and CuriosityStream lots of success!


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