Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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The Unreal Rise of Reality Television – Huffpo Covers Our Soldout WESTDOC Master Class

by Michael Rose, Author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. Once the home to archive driven, heavily narrated non-fiction shows featuring Nazis, sharks and WWII airplanes, a large part of cable television has opened its arms to truck drivers, crab fishermen, pawnshop owners and the denizens of Louisiana swamps as the siren song of the duck call […]

The Future of Wildlife Television: Interviews from Wild Talk Africa (3/3). Key Trends in Austria, France and South Africa

This week’s expert interviews from Wild Talk Africa cover Austria’s Universum stand, which is a keystone for pure wildlife productions, and France’s appetite for the ‘cute’ over the predatory. Also: explaining South Africa’s soft demand for unscripted programming, including Natural History. ———— Inside ORF-Austria’s Universum Strand  Thomas Matzek Deputy Head of NHU ORF, Vienna ORF is

WESTDOC Producers’ Master Class: Built for Success – Developing and Producing Non-Fiction Programming in Today’s Environment

US Networks: What do they Want? What’s the Deal? And the Things They Won’t Tell You… Sunday, September 15th, 2013 2:30pm Don’t miss my intensive half-day master class with industry veteran Ed Hersh at WESTDOC 2013. Our workshop is dedicated to helping producers understand the chaotic and rapidly-changing nonfiction and factual marketplace so that they

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Webinar: Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers

Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers On Thursday, June 20th, I hosted a webinar with my special guest, veteran U.S. programmer Ed Hersh. Ed is a media executive and strategist whose career encompasses print, broadcast and documentary journalism, non-fiction cable production and programming, and the rapidly evolving multi-platform environment. His focus is

Inside PBS’s POV Strand (2/2): The Filters, Selection Process, Timeline & Decision-makers

We continue our coverage of POV, the flagship PBS documentary strand. In this post: What is POV’s selection process, from Open Call to the Offer? What is the Timeline? Who makes the decisions? Selection Process Filters Great non-fiction storytelling Address social issues and issues neglected elsewhere Have a strong point of view from the filmmaker and/or

A New Online Research Tool Takes Cost & Risk Out of the Program Development Process

The cost of developing programs has been ballooning for both networks and production companies. In ‘MBA terms’ I came to see the current inflated state of the development process as a ‘market imperfection’ for which there should be an immediate and track-able solution that lowers the cost and risk. My researches led me to Media

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Documentary Fundraising: 10 Key How-to’s for Creating a Compelling Pitch Video

Pitching skills are as important as the concept and content when it comes to attracting funders. We asked writer and speaker Fernanda Rossi to share her practical guide to creating a successful video pitch.  Fernanda is author of Trailer Mechanics: How to Make Your Documentary Fundraising Demo. —————————– Documentary Fundraising: 10 Key How-to’s for Creating a Compelling Pitch Video

MIPDoc Takeaways: Access for Vancouver’s LaDiDa Media / Latest on China’s CCTV-9 Documentary Channel and the ‘Pivot’ to Europe

Canada’s LaDiDa Media Sylvie Peltier is president of LaDiDa Media, an experienced Vancouver-based factual producer who has been working with Canadian channels. Sylvie decided to expand her horizons by attending MIPDoc. She was looking for international pre-buys and co-productions, as well as for opportunities to refresh her Canadian contacts.  Sylvie engaged us to help develop and