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TRUE ROYALTY: The Netflix for Viewers who are “Super-engaged with the Royals”. A Podcast with CEO Gregor Angus

TRUE ROYALTY is a London-based subscription video service dedicated to British Royalty. Co-founder GREGOR ANGUS describes True Royalty as a “clearly-defined interest” or mega-niche. His analysis points to tens of millions of hyper-engaged Royal TV viewers. They are concentrated in the U.S. and Commonwealth countries. True Royalty’s business case was endorsed by U.S. box office […]

Apple TV+ Faces Dominating Competition from Disney+ in the Streaming Wars

Apple faces daunting competition in the Streaming Wars. As consumers turn to the SVOD / subscription / “All You Can Eat” video model,  they are cutting back on purchasing and renting programs. Take a look at the 3+ year trend in US Home Entertainment Spending revealed in the chart below from DEG and nScreenMedia: The

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

NETFLIX DOCUMENTARIES, GERMANY : Formula 1 leads the Top 20 Originals in 2019 from Parrot Analytics. Compare Demand for Documentaries with Scripted Originals like Black Mirror

This post covers the online demand for Netflix Original Documentaries in Germany. I also compare the demand for Netflix documentaries with the streamer’s Scripted Original hits like Black Mirror. Measuring Audience Demand: The data is provided by research firm Parrot Analytics which measures online audience demand for programs across all platforms. Today’s post continues my series on Netflix’s

NETFLIX DOCUMENTARIES, AUSTRALIA : The Top 20 Originals in 2019 from Parrot Analytics. Plus a Comparison with UK and U.S. Demand

This post covers the online demand for Netflix Original Documentaries in Australia. The Australian findings reveal an overwhelming similarity with the U.S. and UK, also English-speaking markets. Its as if Australia is a distant Wales or Hawaii with precious little national identity with respect to its Netflix audience’s appetite. Measuring Audience Demand The data is

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Case Study: POMPEII RISING: A €1.6 Million Coproduction from France’s Gedeon Productions

POMPEII RISING is an ambitious €1.6 million budget Science / History project from France’s Gedeon Programmes. Coproduction partners include French, German, Japanese and other international public broadcasters, and the online subscription platform CuriosityStream. In this Case Study for Sunny Side of the Doc we capture the development, production, distribution and select deal highlights of POMPEII

Discovery CEO David M Zazlav earned $128 million in 2018

Discovery’s CEO David M Zazlav earned $128 million in 2018 That’s according to an executive compensation analysis published in today’s New York Times. Mr Zazlav’s 2018 payday was ranked #2 among all U.S. public companies. It was exceeded only by Elon Musk’s TESLA package ($2.8 billion).   Context Discovery’s producers typically earn 10% of the