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NETFLIX 2020: What You Need To Know Now! Save 20%

NETFLIX 2020: What You Need To Know Now! is my updated study of how Netflix buys documentaries.

Netflix has been a black box for the documentary production community.

My new research reveals much more about Netflix’s strategy, programming decisions, budgets, deal terms, preferred producers, and the business model that drives it all.

The new study lists 20 key Netflix documentary execs… and how to reach them.

NETFLIX 2020 is your ‘GPS’ for navigating the road towards a Netflix deal.

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Expanded Database
The core of the study is my database of 230 Netflix Originals & acquisitions.
  • With 100+ new titles, the database points to the genres and topics in Netflix’s programming sweet spots.
  • The db helps you understand if your project is ‘in the ballpark’.
  • Or not!
  • Each entry lists the director, producers & production company.
  • It names the A-Listers who are Netflix’s preferred partners.
  • And that lists is a valuable resource for producers who want to team up with industry leaders to get the access needed to develop their projects.
  • Each database entry includes the trailer, poster, key talent, and box office for a theatrical release.
Netflix Executives: How To Pitch?
  • NETFLIX 2020 lists more execs led by Lisa Nishimura who are responsible for documentary Originals and acquisitions.
  • Her expanding team is located in LA, London, Amsterdam, Paris and elsewhere.
  • I provide the company’s email address format.
My unique, actionable research is designed to guide you closer to a pitch… and a deal!

“As doc filmmakers, it’s incumbent on us to do our homework and be as current as possible. That’s why we’re so fortunate to have Peter Hamilton, a veteran documentary business consultant who has written the ultimate guide to Netflix.” Doug BlockD-Word
“Incredible that you obtained such a useful inside read on such an opaque company & submission process.” Jonathan Dann, Jon Dann Communications, and winner of 3 Peabody awards
Please email me if you have any questions about the study, or about licensing options for multiple offices and user groups.