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DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION ROADMAP: 34 CASE STUDIES – A new resource packed with valuable detail and strategic Takeaways

A new publication packed with original research from Peter Hamilton and

From Concept & Development to Production & Distribution


  • Complete set of 34 detailed Case Studies of award-winning projects
  • 200+ pages of original research
  • Projects in U.S., Australia, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Scandinavia and more.
  • Compelling Takeaways to help you plan your Next Steps
  • Numerous links to trailers, websites, Kickstarter campaigns, and additional resources
  • Latest data on the distribution of U.S. Cable & Satellite Channels
  • And much more!

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34 Case Studies feature award-winning co-productions and theatrical projects:


  • The Siege of Mecca (ARTE, NDR-Germany, PBS International)
  • United Skates (Tribeca audience award-winner)
  • Letters from Baghdad (Successful theatrical run + BBC)
  • The Beatles: Eight Days A Week (Ron Howard-directed)
  • Sweet Micky for President (Celebrity-production led by Fugees’ Pras Michel)
  • 2016 Obama’s America (a theatrical hit from the Trump-aligned right wing)
  • Flight of the Butterflies (a Giant Screen release with a big budget)
  • BESA: The Promise (from veteran U.S. factual producer JWM Productions)

History / Archive

  • Native America ($3-4 Mn budget Signature PBS series)
  • MLK: The Assassination Tapes (Peabody Award-winner)
  • The Fidel Castro Tapes (PBS/NGC International Co-production)
  • The Archive Comes Back in the ‘Post-Schedule Documentary Economy’
  • Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes (Nat Geo event hits 171 countries!)
  • Every Face Has a Name (4K archive conversion creates value for Scandi producers)
  • A Shot to Save the World (Pittsburgh non-profit creates Smithsonian / BBC hit with Bill Gates. Peter Hamilton co-executive producer)
  • The LOST Kennedy Home Movies (History Channel U.S. special)
  • An Aussie / ABBA Love Doc (A $500k Aussie production)

Coproductions / Cross-border Funding

  • Stormborn (A $1.5 Mn Wildlife Coproduction by Love Nature, Smithsonian Channel, ARTE, BBC Scotland & Screen Scotland)
  • Pompeii Rising (A €1.6 Mn Copro from France’s Gedeon Productions)
  • The Cleaners (US$1.3 Mn investigative documentary)
  • Japan from Above (NHK, Arte, Voyage + others share €1.5 Mn budget)
  • In Ebola’s Wake (high-risk production backed by Al Jazeera)
  • The Rise of the Killer Virus (Smithsonian, ARTE, CCTV-10 China + others)
  • Dino Stampede (ABC Australia and Smithsonian)

Crowd Funding

  • An Honest Liar / Sons of Perdition
  • “Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa” (1.1 Mn Pledged on Kickstarter)
  • Plimpton!


  • A Producer at Risk in Siberia (Cold + corruption threaten project)
  • Cosmic Shore (NHK’s $6.5 Mn Live kick-off from Space + Special)

Reality & Lifestyle

  • Pawn Stars Under the Microscope:
    • The Rise & Rise of Pawn Stars and Leftfield Pictures:
      Concept, Talent, Sizzle Tape, Pitch, Green Light, HIT!!
    • Leftfield Pictures After Pawn Stars: A Structure, Doors Open, Renewals, Pitches, Green Lights. What Next?
    • Leftfield Pictures, 2007-2014 Snapshot: Episodes, Hours, Networks
    • Pawn Stars: Leftfield Puts Casting Under a Microscope
    • Pawn Stars: The Inside Story
    • Ten Negotiation Secrets of the Pawn Stars
    • ITV Studios to Pawn Stars Producer: “You’re Worth US$450 Million!”
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories (A+E Networks)
  • Antiques Roadshow (Long-lasting hit public television format)
  • Globe Trekker (Global public television and travel series)


  • Australia’s Stadium Documentary project (Big brands, government agencies and a sport leagues fund a highly creative project)
  • Tasty’s “Hands & Pans” (Online formats threaten value of channels)
  • Choppertown: (LA producer navigates Facebook, Amazon’s various platforms, Download-to-Own, and more)

Regular price: $49.95
Save 20%!
Buy it now from my Store: $39.95

My 34-pack Case Study is an invaluable, practical resource for producers, network executives, researchers and new entrants to the nonfiction industry.

Full of elusive facts about project planning, budgets, deals, distribution and more… all providing inspiration and context for your project!